Grace and peace to all.

We are happy to report yet another very successful ICHE Workshop which took place at Maranatha University College, Sowutuom, Accra. Twenty seven (27) theological educators attended from thirteen (13) institutions (Seminaries and Universities). The group picture taken at the end of the meeting is attached to this mail. The seminar focused on the theme “Christian Higher Education and Spirituality: The Ghanaian Context.” The lead paper was presented by Dr. Araba Sefa-Dedil. This devotion and two other brief presentations were well discussed especially around two related concerns: (1) How to maintain Christian tradition and identity as theological programmes are subjected to accreditation process, (2) How to integrate Christian faith and values into the curriculum of various academic programmes in the Christian Universities being established in Africa. Particular challenges were pointed out from the painful experiences of some famous Universities: Yale, Princeton, Harvard and Emory.

The interim officers were also challenged to work towards official inauguration of ICHE in Ghana possibly in February 2016. This will have to be attended by some international ICHE officers as well as heads of churches and denominations as well as proprietors of Christian Universities in Ghana.

Dr. Helen Oyekanmi and I attend from Nigeria. We commend the efforts of Interim ICHE officers in Ghana and congratulate them for this very meaningful outing.


Dr. Emiola Nihinlol

West Africa